I’m a self-taught composer, arranger, and musician, working with electronic and acoustic instruments in nontraditional ways. Building much of my own equipment, both in hardware and software, I reach for sounds that may not be familiar, or may be familiar, but from other contexts, while still maintaining a healthy respect for the lyrical and the accessible. My work is often (usually) slow-moving, slippery, and crafted with an eye towards exposing hidden realms of sound while obscuring the sounds we thought we knew, rendered with the intensive calm of a monk raking shapes in fine gravel in a rock garden.

12 Minute Travelogues no. 7 – in progress from Joe Wall on Vimeo.

My love of theater led me to work on soundtracks and I have arranged and improvised music for live theater, for my own spoken word performances and for the films and stage plays of friends and associates. Working as a sideman, a backstage sound designer, and general-purpose sound guru, I’ve backed up world-class performers, including Joyce Scott, Lorraine Whittlesey, the late poet David Franks, and more, in professional venues including the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Creative Alliance’s Patterson Theater, and the American Visionary Art Museum.

I am available for live ambient performances (meditative music sets from 30 minutes to several hours), and for sound design, composition for film, theater, and installation, editing, and related technical consulting. For more information, contact me via the addresses and numbers on the Contact page of this site.

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