My favorite written form is the essay, the transcribed ramblings of a brain that’s always roaming, always playful, constrained by not much more than a limited page count. Over the past several decades, I’ve touched on nearly every subject imaginable, writing on my blog and in a variety of other outlets. Some pieces end up as spoken-word performances, some end up in print, some end up online, and some just hover, waiting to emerge. Read some of my favorite pieces right here, organized by my somewhat peculiar criteria.

On the subject of hidden worlds:

Until We’re Overtaken” – 2010
Dump” – 2004

On life’s aggravations:

Dialogues From the Grand Salon” – 2005

On the dimensions of awe:

Joy” – 2005

Exploring philosophy:

Regarding Poetry” – 2006

Essays published in print media or webzines:

From Link 7: “Seeking Out Sparks
From Radar 1: “Thinking Small
From Peek Review: “Cirque de L’Amour

Keep an eye on this page—new work is coming.