Mike Metlay & Robert Dorschel

I was privileged to be invited to collaborate with Robert Dorschel and Mike Metlay at Electro-Music NY 2016 in Huguenot, New York. To say either of these two gentlemen are musical geniuses is an understatement, and in combination…oh my…but above all they are united by a sense of humor that is just a delight, so I swallowed hard and jumped in for the event. My two collaborators are hard to follow, sometimes, a whirling cloud of fast-paced ideas and musical gestures oddly reminiscent of a Warner Brothers cartoon fistfight, and man, you can’t get in on one of those without having some fun along the way.

The Three Kludges @ electro-music 2016 from Steve Mokris on Vimeo.

© 2016 Robert Dorschel, Mike Metlay, Joe Belknap Wall