In collaboration, one can find the things that don’t appear without that certain something that only comes into focus with other voices, and other aesthetics. I’m amazingly lucky to have worked with some astonishingly talented musicians, who gave me a chance to explore sides of my musical interests that I only discovered because of their openness and support. In electronic music, one man can indeed be an island, and that can be a fantastic thing, but in groups, we find new territories in the give and take of improvisation and exploration. Even when working on my own, I am a better musician because of the people who I’ve been able to work with and learn from. It’s just a joy, playing together.


Doubt Revisited” by Robert Dorschel (spoken word insert by Joe Belknap Wall)


The Three Kludges – with Mike Metlay and Robert Dorschel

2014 – present

Hypogeum – with Adam Holquist, John Morley, and Aaron Todd

2015 – present

KEvsAB – with Rimas Campe [aka alternating.bit]

other Electro-Music collaborations
[under construction]

Fast Against The Wall – with Keith Sinzinger

[under construction]