2003 – The Trampoline Spectator

The Trampoline Spectator is a pocket suite of short spoken word essays, performed live in 2003 at the Patterson Theater in Baltimore, Maryland, as a part of the Baltimore Composers Forum winter concert. The backing music for The Trampoline Spectator is comprised entirely of loops of my voice, processed and recontextualized to suit the storytelling.

2015 – I did a newly revised and updated reading of A Trampoline Spectator, which I’m incorporating into a future collection of narratives on themes of getting things wrong, called The Wrong End of The Stick, at the Asheville Electro-Music Festival in May, 2015. The wonderful Steve Mokris captured this on video, so I am able to share it here, microphonic tech issues notwithstanding:


Listen here to the original 2003 live reading of the piece:

[Please note—the first minute of the piece is intended to sound tinny]

© 2003-2015 Joe Belknap Wall