spoken word

Some stories are best told aloud. I’m an award-winning spoken word performance artist, telling stories accompanied by my own live electronic scores and sound design. Over the last twenty years, I’ve worked hard to combine my writing, music, and love of theater in one man shows that tell complex stories in ways that are lyrical and accessible. From the sprawling, unfinished spectacle of my first large scale work, the six-hour inner-space travelogue, This Nonstop March Around the World, to more compact pieces, like A Troubled Sleep, The Trampoline Spectator, and The Bear In The Woods, my live performances combine personal stories, cosmic scale,  humor, and disaster, often all at once.

To explore some of my performance work, take a look at these pages:

The Huggy Molly – 2020 – streaming on Nick’s International Virtual Garage.

The Bear In The Woods – 2016

 All Night Radio – 2014

My Fairy Godmothers Smoke Too Much – 2005-2015

The Trampoline Spectator – 2003

The Laser Farm Dialogues – 2002

A Troubled Sleep – 1996

Still to come:

Uneasy Listening in Baltimore – 1997
This Nonstop March Around the World
– 1991